DMX Control System

Hondel Lighting is a Chinese manufacturer of high-quality DMX controllers, offering a wide range of control systems for projects of all sizes, from small-scale to large-scale media facades. We provide comprehensive control system solutions to meet your specific requirements.

HD-ZY01xx – Mini Controller

HD-3F12B- DMX Master Controller

DS2 – DMX Address Writer

HD-3F12BK - DMX Master with RS485 input port(for touch panel)

HD-3F12BK -DMX Master Controller

With  Touch Panel Input

SPI/TTL Sub controller in China

HD-228Axx – SPI/TTL Sub-Controller

HD-L308F – DMX/ TTL Main Controller

HD-228Dxx -DMX Sub Controller

HD-KP1 – DMX Cloud Master Controller

HD-S208R -RDM Sub Controller

DMX Signal Amplifier

HD-AP02xx- AC220V  DMX amplifier

HD-DVI – DVI Master Controller

HD-AD01xx -RDM amplifier AC220V

HD-DE01xx- DMX Decoder

HD-TC01 -DMX512 Touch Panel