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Skyscrapers around the world are increasingly using their facades as a source of revenue, with media facades becoming a popular way to display advertisements and other content.

According to Arabian Business, the advertisement cost of Burj Khalifa starts from USD 70,000 for a 3-minute video during the weekday, increasing to USD 100,000 on weekends. In addition to being a lucrative revenue stream, media facades can also make buildings look more spectacular at night and help them stand out from other buildings in the cityscape.

Compared to traditional roadside billboards, media facades on skyscrapers can reach a much wider audience. This is because they are typically located in high-traffic areas and are visible from a distance.

For example, the Shenzhen Lighting Show is a stunning media facade display that uses LED screens to create a dazzling light show that can be seen from all over the city.

Media facades are a win-win for both businesses and cities. They provide businesses with a way to reach a large audience with their advertising, while also making cities more attractive and vibrant at night.

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