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Transparent LED pixel mesh screens are the most popular choice for large-scale media facades. They offer individual pixel control, allowing for flexible design of any shape or size. We have successfully used LED pixel dot lights to illuminate the curved facade of the Bentley showroom.

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Flexible media mesh is simply another form of LED pixel dot light. The main advantage of flexible mesh screens is their easy installation. Otherwise, they offer the same performance as LED pixel dot lights. Led mesh is typically used for smaller pixel pitches, such as 50mm, 80mm, or 100mm.



Pixel Pitch

50mm , 80mm, 100mm

Pixel Configuration

6*SMD3535, Nationstar gold wire

Panel Size

Customized size, Max 400mm x 10000mm

Panel Resolution

Up to panel size, Max 8 x 200 pixel dots

Panel Weight

7.2kg / sqm


6000 nits/sqm

IP Rating(Front/Rear)/IP


Refresh Rate

1000~3000 Hz

Transparency Rate


Scan Mode


Grey Scale


Max Power Consumption

600W / sqm

Viewing Angle(H/V)


Operating Temperature


Main Power Source

AC 100~240V;50/60Hz

Working Voltage

DC 24V



Life Time

100,000 Hours



  • Simple Assembly Design: Easy to assemble and install.
  • High Transparency: Transmits light and wind, with minimum transparency above 72% and P80 pitch transparency above 90%.
  • Soft and Flexible: Lightweight and soft screen body can be bent, folded, hung, and combined into various shapes. Simple modular structure saves time and effort, does not affect the original wall structure, and allows for easy disassembly and maintenance of pixel and display modules.
  • High Protection Level: High-level anti-static, anti-interference, anti-storm, anti-UV, and long lifespan. IP66 high protection level is waterproof, dustproof, and corrosion-resistant. Stable performance and good heat dissipation.
  • Energy Saving: Consumes only 50% of the power of traditional displays under the same brightness and area conditions, saving energy and reducing operating costs.
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