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​Design Concept

We take care of Facade Lighting design Concept  for your projects in Dubai.  Not only design we also provide complete pre-sales service like Concept Design, BOQ, and Schematic drawing.

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We have a team of creative lighting designer, engineers and technical staff equipped with technical knowledge and wealth experience to produce innovative products. We aim in executing projects that illustrate the client’s requirement, combined with sophisticated technique that will ultimately industry. Have a look at our completed projects in Dubai 

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Featured Products

Among our most popular LED products, there is a solution for every lighting problem you may encounter.

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Project Supervision & Programming

In case your media facade or facade lighting projects required supervision & programming services, We have a dedicated team to visit and take care of the project supervision in dubai and all other emirates.

Facade Lighting Trends in Dubai

Nowadays, when we look at a building at night, we may now see more than just the typical illumination.
Nowadays, façade lighting / Media Facade in Dubai has become trendy. Earlier it was just conventional traditional lighting. But, with new technology, skyscrapers are adopting a new look with façade Lighting in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and all other emirates.

Currently, most of the hotels have stunning façade lighting, which contributes to the building’s reputation at night. Because of the Fancy Façade lighting, If I talk about 2012, I recall the Fairmont Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road and the Crown Plaza in Festival City every time I pass by. There were numerous hotels along Sheikh Zayed Road. But why do I just recall the Fairmont? Indeed, the Dazzling façade lighting can be seen while headed down Sheikh Zayed Road. That provides an outstanding night perspective.

However, most hotels on Sheikh Zayed Road now feature façade lighting. Not just hotels, but also residential buildings in Dubai, are interested in having Façade Lighting to provide a more spectacular display than other nearby buildings.
Consider the Burj Khalifa at night; it had ordinary traditional lights and was not really spectacular to look at. But it looks fantastic now with the new Media facade. Every time you look at the Burj Khalifa at night, you will be astounded by the development design. It immediately reminds me of a Façade show, so many people are waiting to witness it.

The majority of architects and lighting designers are now concerned regarding Façade Lighting in Dubai. Numerous lighting consultants are involved with the development of Façade lighting in Dubai/Media façade design of the Building. Even most clients are likely to have exceptional façade illumination. Even four years ago, it wasn’t the same. When I used to meet a client, I had to explain to them about façade illumination and why they required it. But the times have evolved and we are now receiving countless inquiries about façade lighting. We receive queries for Façade Lighting from the Contractor, Developer, Client Representative, and even Existing Building Management.

Look at the villas, showrooms, corporate headquarters, government buildings, mosques, and even hospitals that are giving their buildings a new image with façade lighting.
Professional Façade lighting contributes significantly to the elegance and appeal of architectural projects. Façade lighting not only illuminates the building but also gives it a distinctive appearance. Its intent is to send a message to the public about Architecture.

Once, people were worried about the electrical energy of the brightness, but with the help of Smart lighting, it is now feasible to have façade illumination

So, what are your thoughts on Façade lighting?​

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